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Health Insurance Information


            HEATLH                                With the passing of the Personnel Protection and Affordable Care Act, the Health Insurance business has been completely redefined.  This Act defines what the government wants us to have for Essential Health Insurance Benefits. Find out about your options by completing the Health Quote Request.

            ACA  ALTERNATIVE          Not everyone will be forced to pay a penalty tax if they do not purchase an ACA approved Health Plan.  Couples earning less than $150,000 will not pay a penalty.  Yet they may be facing ACA premiums of more than $1500 per month, an amount that many find unaffordable.  There are alternatives to the ACA Plans.  Complete the Health Quote Request Form and indicate you are interested in alternatives.      


            DISABILITY                           1 in 3 Americans will become disabled due to illness or injury sometime before they retire.  90% of those events will happen off the job when Worker's Compensation Insurance won't help replace income.  Discover how your wages can be protected by completing the Disability Quote Request Form.

            LONG TERM CARE             $6.6 Billion Dollars in Long Term Care claims were paid in 2012. Yet most people do not have LTC coverage and must spend all of their assets (except $2,000) before they can get assistance from the State.  Then the State will decide where the person will live.  He or she will lose all control.  Planning ahead can prevent the total loss of your assets and give you control over your care.  Complete the LTC Quote Request and learn about your options.


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