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Life Insurance Information

            UNIQUE LIFE INSURANCE          Ordinary Life Insurance is an oxymoron.  It does not pay you to live.  It pays if you die. It should be called Death Insurance.  Fenderson Insurance offers a unique product called Living Benefits that is really Life Insurance because it does pay you if you die but it also pays if you live and contract Critical or Chronic Illnesses. Whether you need Term, Universal or Indexed Universal Life Insurance, Fenderson Insurance has a Living Benefits Plan that will provide the money your family or business needs to replace your earning powers.  But you are much more likely to become disabled from an illness like Cancer, Heart Attack or Stroke than you are to die.  Both death and a disabling illness will cause you to lose your income, income that you and your family need to support their life style.  Fill out the Life Quote Request Form to find more information.

            MORTGAGE INSURANCE             Banks sell this type of insurance, too.  Their plans only pay when you die and all proceeds must go to pay off the loan.  But the plans offered by Fenderson Insurance have more flexibility.  These plans pay your Beneficiary so that the proceeds can be used to continue the payments or pay off the loan.  They also help you pay the payments when you become Critically Ill, suffer a severe Cognitive Impairment such as Alzheimer's Disease or become Chronically Ill and cannot do the Activities of Daily Living.  Find out more by completing the Mortgage Insurance Quote Request Form.

            BUSINESS LIFE INSURANCE      Business can use life insurance in many ways.  Life Insurance can cover a commercial loan, insure a Key Person so that his or her death will not damage the business and help fund a Buy – Sell Agreement.  If you may have a need for Business Life complete the Business Life Quote Request Form

            FINAL EXPENSE                             Many folks discover in their later years that they have not planned for their Final Expenses such as a funeral or the payoff of credit card debts and other debts.  They are concerned that their families will be left with these debts and costs.  If you would like to insure your Final Expenses, please complete the Final Expense quote Request Form.

            UNIVERSAL LIFE                           Permanent, Whole, Universal or Ordinary are all terms used to define Life Insurance that has Cash Value and will continue for a person's full life.  Fenderson Insurance offers all of these.  Universal Life has advantages over the other forms because UL is not fixed in premium and benefits..  Also the cash that is accumulating can be invested in more ways than the company's investment portfolio.  For example, it can be invested (or indexed) to the Standard and Poor's 500 stocks.  Complete the Permanent Life Quote Request Form if you would like insurance that lasts as long as you do.

            OTHER TYPES OF LIFE                 There are other uses of Life Insurance than are listed above.  Survivor Life, Last to Die, Decreasing Term, Single Premium Life are a few of the varieties available at Fenderson Insurance.  Whatever your needs are, they have a top rated plan to fit you needs.  Complete the Life Insurance Quote Request Form and indicate your concern.

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