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TAX FREE RETIREMENT               The conventional way to save for retirement has been with tax deferred programs like IRAs, Roth IRAs, 401ks and others.  They should be part of your retirement program when your employer matches a portion of your savings.  Then you should save up to the maximum your employer will match.  But for extra deposits or when your employer doesn't match, there is another program that can eliminate income taxes on withdrawals  and grow income tax free?    It is called “Tax Free Retirement” and is funded by Indexed Universal Life.

            The money that grows in a life insurance policy has always grown tax free.  That is not new.  Nor is the fact that  you borrow money from your policy (your own money, actually) and not be taxed as long as the policy remains enforce.  What is new is that you can achieve significant growth in your saving by having the cash value tied or indexed to the growth of major indexes like The S&P 500 or the MACI index. 

            An Indexed Universal Life Plan from a company offered by Fenderson Insurance provides cash on your death to replace your earnings, cash paid  directly to you if you contract a Critical Illness or are Chronically Ill and cannot look after yourself and significant cash on Retirement or at a date of your choosing that will never be taxed as long as the policy stays enforce.  The plan can even be designed so that you pay no premiums once you retire.  Complete the Retirement Information Request Form for all the details.

ANNUITIES                          Fenderson Insurance offers many forms of Annuities that will guarantee that you never outlive your money.

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