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Supplemental Insurance Information

            The new Affordable Care Act does not provide all the medical insurance you need.  Nor does it cover any of the consequences of an illness or accident.  ACA only provides payments to medical providers like hospitals, Doctors, testing facilities, ambulances and Emergency Rooms.

            It does not provide Dental, Vision or Hearing coverage.  It does not provide a replacement for your income if you are sick or hurt and can't work.  It doesn't provide money to pay for the additional expenses brought on by Critical Illness like Cancer, Heart Attack and Stroke.  These extra costs include lost wages of your spouse while he or she attends to you, travel money to hospitals that are out of the area, like Brigham and Women's Hospital or the Mayo Clinic. And when you are there for an extended stay, you need money for hotels and meals, too. It doesn't provide money to pay for home renovations to accommodate a wheel chair or first floor sleeping and bathroom facilities.


DENTAL INSURANCE                                Dental Insurance provides semi-annual cash for Preventive Maintenance like Cleanings and X-rays.  It also can provide money for Filings, Extractions, Root Canals, Crowns and other procedures.  Please complete the Dental Insurance Quote Request Form to find out how this overlooked plan can benefit you.

DISABILITY INCOME                                1 in 2 Americans will have a Disability before they retire.  But only 1/3rd have insurance to replace the income they lose during the illness or recovery period from an accident.  The coverage can be tailored to the amount of money you need to supplement your savings, so the premium is not too high.  Find out about this needed program by completing the Disability Income Quote Request Form.

CRITICAL ILLNESS                                   1 in 3 women and 1 in 2 men will contract Cancer in their lifetime.  Heart Attack and Strokes occur every 30 seconds.  These severe illnesses cause tremendous amounts of non-medical expenses that are not covered by any Major Medical or ACA Health Plans.  These extra costs include loss of income, loss of spousal income while a spouse is caring for the ill person, travel costs to out of state hospitals and home renovations to accommodate a wheel chair or stair lift. It pays to be fully covered when these illness occur. Complete the Supplemental Quote Form for more information.

ACCIDENT PROTECTION                        When an accident happens, Medical Insurance responds to the health care costs. But accidents also prevent the person from working and that means wages stop.  Accident Protection pays the injured insured rather the medical provider.  So the insured can use the cash to pay other personal bills or pay the provider for medical costs not paid by major medical insurance.  Find out more by completing the  Supplemental Quote Request Form.

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